El Dia de Muertos

Wonders for Wanderers, David Reyes, provided my group of fourteen with a wonderful tour in Guatemala with an extension to Copan Ruins in Honduras. Every minute was well planned and executed. We saw so much of this beautiful country. We chose to be there for the holiday celebrations of All Souls Day and Dia de los Muertos. This is a colorful time with many celebrations in the local cemeteries. Huge round kites are constructed and displayed. There are vendors selling all sorts of goods. Families are repainting the graves of their ancestors. The women are wearing traditional dresses. so much color!!Kathy

We had several “Birders” in our group. David provided them with their own guide that took them out in the early morning when spotting birds is the best. They especially liked the time spent in the Guatemalan Cloud Forest at the Verapaz area. We were in the Quetzal Biotope Reserve. Others in the group wanted to hike. David found a hiking guide for them.

I enjoyed our stay in Santiago de Atitlan on Lake Atitlan. We took a boat to other villages on the lake. In San Juan Atitlan, we visited a Woman’s Coop for weavers. Had a demonstration of the work done on the backstrap loom.

We visited villages that had not seen a tourist in months. We ate traditional meals….with special soups, lots of fried plantains, rice and beans. All were delicious.

Historical sites that we visited were the ruins of Copan where we had an excellent local guide. We also spent time at Q’umarkaj, another historical ruin.

Our tour ended in the beautiful city of Antigua, Guatemala. There is so much to see and do in this small city. From our hotel, we could walk to al of the attractions. There is an especially good market in Antigua for Artisans.

Giant Kite Festival

To summarize, I highly recommend this tour. David Reyes is very well organized and met the needs of all members of the group. . The hotels and meals were all firt class….most with gardens in the interiors.

I plan to use “Wonders for Wanderers” for tours to Baja California and the Copper Canyon in Mexico….plus a Textile Tour in Guatemala. In the past, I have traveled with David Reyes to Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Belize. He provides a wonderful tour….that is why I keep returning.

Katharine Didier


    As one of Kathy’s group of 14 I especially liked the use of 4X4 vehicles in order to reach remote areas in the Guatemalan highlands.

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