In 2014 a wanderer, Jack McDonald, and his friends joined a trip to Guatemala and Belize, seeking to explore these incredible countries located just a few hours away from the United States. The trip was being led by an inspiring woman Kathy Didier, who has spent her life travelling and taking her friends to authentic wonders, spanning the globe. Kathy is undoubtedly a Wanderer. As a group of wanderers they have traveled together to explore many countries and destinations not normally visited by most travel companies to experience unique outdoor and cultural experiences. It was on this trip to Guatemala and Belize where a special bond was formed. Jack met David Reyes, a local expert with a vast knowledge of Mexico and Central America. After a couple of trips together a great friendship sparked an interesting relationship… a desire to provide great Adventures to others! So the birth of Wonders for Wanderers just happened, like that… as a beautiful sunrise… full of hopes and ideas that will be shaped by the trail that will take us to you!

Therefore, I wanted to continue with this dream, Jack’s and I dream, I partnered with Authentic Travel. Since Wonders for Wanderers and Authentic Travel share the same values and high-quality standards, I believe we will thrive and transform the way we travel.


Our small group sizes give you more face time with your Wanderer Expert or Local Guide and make it easier to get to know your fellow travelers. You’ll have opportunities to soak up all of the highlights of your destination together and develop into more personal experiences. With a group of 12 to 16 travelers, you’ll gain access to more remote settings and authentic lodging at your destination. This means more connections and unique experiences that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Every wanderer wants to see the world in his or her own way, so flexibility and pace are factors we consider when creating and operating itineraries.


Since Jack has traveled extensively and David has guided groups for over 14 years, both realize to be a successful small travel organizer it’s imperative we deliver the best experience we can through whatever resources are available to us.

  • Lodging: On all of our wonderful trips we aim to provide you with the best accommodations available. By “best” we do not necessarily mean most expensive but notably interesting, unique and convenient; this might mean to choose between an accommodation for tourists and one for cultural visitors/ wanderers.
  • Transport: Your transport is also an important part of your trip experience and we offer a wide variety of transport options depending on the destination. So you may find yourself in an open-topped boat in the Caribbean, on the back of a pick-up truck in Guatemala, a tuk-tuk in Honduras or on a horse in Costa Rica.
  • Service: On our tailor-made tours we aim to provide a service value that is difficult to match. As an example, on arrival to Guatemala and Costa Rica we now provide our clients with a local mobile phone pre-programmed with all the numbers you might need. With our personal knowledge of the properties we use we are often able to secure the best rooms and organize special events unique to our tours.

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