Why Small Groups?

There are great advantages to travelling as a small group of no more than 16 people. It is easier to get to know your fellow group members. It is also easier to associate with local people in more relaxed, honest settings. And you’re able to venture away from the much visited tourism circuits and experience the kinds of more involving activities that would be nearly impossible for larger groups.

Travelling as part of a small group, you are able to use a range of different transport types, from tuk-tuks (rickshaws) to river boats, and to experience more genuine hotels and restaurants. This style of travelling tends to keep the budget down, as transfer costs are shared among the group members. Itineraries suit those looking for adventure in destinations slightly off the beaten path, where independent travel would be more challenging.

Smaller groups also have less of an environmental impact when they travel. Travelling more accurate, they reduce the strain on resources and allow for more sustainable economic benefits to filter through to local business.

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